Tanunda Pine

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Tanunda Pines Golf Club Barossa Valley, South Australia

Local Rules

  1. Irrigation boxes, pegs, embedded rocks through the green, as well as a green keeper shed entrance road are IMMOVABLE OBSTRUCTIONS. Rule 16-b applies. No penalty.

  1. If a staked tree or shrub interferes with the player's stance or swing, relief MUST be taken within one club length with no penalty.

  1. WATER HAZARDS are defined by yellow pegs and LATERAL WATER HAZARDS are defined by red pegs.

  1. Ground beyond the golf course boundary fence, the practice fairway, club house, car park and club house entrance road are OUT OF BOUNDS.

  1. PENALTY FOR BREACH OF LOCAL RULES: Match play - loss of hole; Stroke play - two strokes. Please refer to club notice board for temporary local rules.

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