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You may not need another reason to visit the grand dame of Australian wine regions, unless you are a golfer who likes to play outstanding golf courses in beautiful locations – and then we have another 18 great reasons for you.

Tanunda Pines Golf Club is a stunning 18 hole, par 72, championship golf course set in the heart of the Barossa Valley. Home to an abundance of native bird and animal life, one hundred year old gum trees line fairways that undulate across hilltops with views over Jacob’s Creek and St Hallett vineyards from several vantage points.

Hole 1

For a regulation par; play up the middle to the dogleg right, leaving yourself with a good angle into a tricky, narrow green. Be wary of the slope in front of the green as a short approach shot will feed into the deep front right bunker that protects the green. The big hitters can chance a shot at the green, framed at the back by native grasses, courting glory…or disaster.

Tee Par Distance Index
Black Tee 4 294 m 13
Blue Tee 4 276 m 17
White Tee 4 270 m 12
Red Tee 4 271 m 13
Hole 2

The drive from an elevated tee, with views of the Barossa Ranges round to Gomersal, demands a long straight hit. The green is simple to look at with no bunkers present however it is tucked in close to the fence line and slopes deceptively from front to back. The green is guarded all around by swales providing an opportunty for players to use thier imaginations by using the bump and run or lofted chip shots. As you stand on the green, take the opportunity to admire the view up the 10th fairway to its elevated green.

Tee Par Distance Index
Black Tee 4 404 m 4
Blue Tee 4 383 m 5
White Tee 4 358 m 3
Red Tee 4 359 m 5
Hole 3

This straight hole has a generous fairway for the average hitter, but a long drive can run off to the left as the fairway narrows. This long green funnels unwary approaches to the left towards the bunkers.

Tee Par Distance Index
Black Tee 4 349 m 15
Blue Tee 4 337 m 11
White Tee 4 332 m 13
Red Tee 4 325 m 9
Hole 4

This hole plays a bit longer than its yardage as it is slightly uphill. The two tiered green makes selecting the right club vital.

Tee Par Distance Index
Black Tee 3 151 m 16
Blue Tee 3 142 m 9
White Tee 3 107 m 15
Red Tee 3 107 m 17
Hole 5

Stand on the tee and let the gum tree lined fairway draw your eyes toward the green. Drive down the middle of this moderately long par 4 to open up the long green for your approach shot. Missing to the left with your approach can leave you a shot out of long grass to a downhill green.

Tee Par Distance Index
Black Tee 4 368 m 8
Blue Tee 4 368 m 7
White Tee 4 335 m 6
Red Tee 4 335 m 7
Hole 6

Play down the right of this short par 4 for the best approach to the sloping green. Bunkers at the right, front left and back left of this green, as well as a sharp slope at the front and back mean your approach needs to be nice and accurate. A view down the 13th fairway greets you as you stand on the green.

Tee Par Distance Index
Black Tee 4 333 m 11
Blue Tee 4 324 m 10
White Tee 2 261 m 14
Red Tee 4 260 m 14
Hole 7

This elevated tee gives magnificent views out over the gums and the generous landing area across the burn will give you a nice view of the green. The narrow approach guarded by two bunkers hides a green set among some mounds on all sides, making accuracy and distance control important for a straight putt.

Tee Par Distance Index
Black Tee 4 378 m 2
Blue Tee 4 362 m 2
White Tee 4 290 m 4
Red Tee 4 290 m 2
Hole 8

Looking along an avenue of trees, this hole opens out nicely as you walk down towards your drive. Play down the middle to get a nice forward kick off the hill. Aim for the middle of this tricky green to avoid sand on the right or falling off the slope to the left.

Tee Par Distance Index
Black Tee 4 335 m 13
Blue Tee 4 335 m 14
White Tee 4 325 m 11
Red Tee 4 324 m 10
Hole 9

The first of the par 5’s is also the longest, curving slowly to the left. A stand of pines presents itself on the right of the fairway as you stand over your tee shot. Your second shot should be played down the right side of the fairway for the optimum approach to this narrow green guarded on the left by bunkers and a swale on the right.

Tee Par Distance Index
Black Tee 5 504 m 5
Blue Tee 5 492 m 12
White Tee 5 412 m 16
Red Tee 5 412 m 13
Hole 10

Strategic play on this double dogleg par 5 will be rewarded. Very long hitters can show their prowess by playing a power fade followed by a draw to reach the green in two. Be wary of the green’s front left, which sweeps balls away towards the bunker. Back pins need to be approached by running in over a mound known locally as Mt Albert.

Tee Par Distance Index
Black Tee 5 449 m 14
Blue Tee 5 439 m 18
White Tee 5 407 m 17
Red Tee 5 407 m 6
Hole 11

This large green is a long way away and approach shots on the right will be rolled back towards the middle of the green. But be careful, go too far right and you could end up playing over the bunker onto a down slope. Par is very good here.

Tee Par Distance Index
Black Tee 3 194 m 7
Blue Tee 3 194 m 3
White Tee 3 163 m 5
Red Tee 3 163 m 15
Hole 12

The hardest hole on the course reveals itself when you get to the bottom of the hill, only to realise you need to go up another one. A sight bunker up the right of the fairway offers a good line for drives. Aiming for or even slightly right of the bunker up the fairway lets the natural slope bring the ball back around to the left. The long approach to this elongated two tiered green is guarded by bunkers at the front and back left and trees on either side. Good luck.

Tee Par Distance Index
Black Tee 2 386 m 2
Blue Tee 4 386 m 2
White Tee 4 338 m 4
Red Tee 4 338 m 2
Hole 13

Catch your breath after the climb to the tee for this par 3 that is nestled among the gums and gaze across surrounding vineyards and out across the trees to the rest of the course. Club selection is important here due to the large drop from tee to green. Missing right or left will leave a tough up and down; from sand on the right and over mounding on the left.

Tee Par Distance Index
Black Tee 3 179 m 10
Blue Tee 3 179 m 6
White Tee 3 171 m 9
Red Tee 3 171 m 16
Hole 14

Playing down the middle of this fairway gives you a moderately long approach to an elevated green. Longer hitters can aim a long iron or wood at the large tree on the left edge of the fairway at the corner to give them a shortcut, but if left short, could be blocked by the trees on the right. As you reach the top of the hill stand on the green and enjoy the view over the Barossa Ranges and surrounding vines. On clear days you can see clear across to the coast. This two tiered green is guarded by bunkers on either side. An extra club or two on approach is a good idea.

Tee Par Distance Index
Black Tee 3 368 m 8
Blue Tee 4 368 m 7
White Tee 4 335 m 6
Red Tee 4 335 m 7
Hole 15

Stand on this tee and take in the beautiful surrounding views of the Ranges. Knock your drive up the middle or left of this fairway to avoid being rolled off into the right rough. Looking up the fairway you will see the green framed by bunkers and a backdrop of gums. If the pin is on the top deck of this long two tiered green; put away the lob wedge and run it up.

Tee Par Distance Index
Black Tee 5 460 m 12
Blue Tee 5 444 m 15
White Tee 5 424 m 8
Red Tee 5 424 m 1
Hole 16

Carded as one of the easiest holes on the course is this deceptive little par 3. The mound on the left of the green helps redirect the wayward shot off the tee. Get your club selection right to avoid overshooting the green into the bunker at the back.

Tee Par Distance Index
Black Tee 3 143 m 18
Blue Tee 3 129 m 13
White Tee 3 127 m 16
Red Tee 3 118 m 11
Hole 17

After that “easy” par 3 you will come to this beast of a par 4. Arriving at the dogleg at the top of the hill reveals gorgeous views of the Barossa Ranges and out over the course. Unless you monstered a drive across the corner of the dogleg, you’ll have a long downhill approach to the green. Guarded by bunkers behind and on the right, this accommodating green is quite fast from front to back.

Tee Par Distance Index
Black Tee 4 394 m 1
Blue Tee 4 382 m 1
White Tee 4 363 m 1
Red Tee 4 351 m 13
Hole 18

This straight forward par 5 gives you a good chance to finish on a high. Play down the chute of trees and see the view open up as you crest the first hill. The magnificent green presents itself amongst the trees and some bunkers as you approach your drive. Your second should be played down to the bottom of the hill and will give you a wedge to the narrow green. Knock your putt in for birdie and finish in style before retiring to the veranda for drinks.

Tee Par Distance Index
Black Tee 5 456 m 9
Blue Tee 5 437 m 16
White Tee 5 420 m 10
Red Tee 5 368 m 3